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ENG – Telling a story
My pictures are about people, about life. They are recording the beauty of special moments like a marriage ceremony, a birthday, but actually every-day happenings – seemingly insignificant – also fascinate me. A story is hidden behind every situation and it is my goal to catch that story with a beautiful attractive image.
Because I work from out of the emotion with a personal approach I become part of the story with a certain distance and a professional approach. With this way of working I can catch the atmosphere of that moment and I can bring over the feeling of that image.What is so special about my work is that I am often part of their most intimate moments. I consider this a privilege and an enrichment of my own life. Photography takes me to places which I would never visit without it and through my lens I connect with the most divergent interesting people.

Photography is my passion. My camera as a third eye which enables me to portray the beauty of special stories. Photography is in my blood: it is not a choice but a “must do”, day after day. When I was fourteen I started to develop my pictures in a “dark room”, always looking for that one outstanding image. In the meantime I have become a professional photographer but I am still learning every day. As a curious creative person I am always looking for new challenges hoping to get the best of me, others and society. To find the right light, the best composition, apply the correct technique and in the meantime to find the connection with people to establish the right emotion gives satisfaction and fulfills my curiosity to the extent that I do not want to do anything else.

Knowledge and experience
I started using a camera when I was eight as an hobby, but I gained real expertise at the Academy of Art and Design St. Joost in Breda (one year) and completed my study at the photography college in Amsterdam.  After that I followed a graphic design at a Graphic design academy. My first professional experience was my internship at the studio of the talented and famous Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf in 2002. The Period before Studiorootz- photography I was working as a press photographer and worked as an freelancer for several magazines. In 2012 I set up my own company Studiorootz Photography. I am still brushing up my knowledge because I think one never can learn enough and I want to keep inspired by reading journals, online blogs and signing up for masterclasses and by exchanging knowledge and experience with other photographers.
(photo) Projects
I especially love making documentaries and photo reports, especially photo reports because they allow me to give more depth to a story. Examples are to cover the process of a CliniClowns-training, the visit of a famous cook at the Avila Beach Hotel, even a funeral of the father of a famous Curacao citizen and covering the renovation of the ship Tres Hombres, an old minesweeper which took about three years to be rebuilt into a sailing cargo ship carrying our locally produced rum, chocolate and coffee to Europe, the islands in the Caribbean and the U.S. A project like this will bring more environmental awareness among people.
Many photo projects also have a social purpose, to catch the attention for an object or situation that deserves it. My ideal aim is to get people moving for social themes, like a more sustainable society and a cleaner environment. The milieu is very important to me: being involved in the permaculture aiming at a cleaner environment and durable world. Photography projects relating to sustainability get my special attention.Social media

Are one of the most important marketing tools: through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat companies and individuals can reach thousands on line. Good contents are a must but a picture tells more than a thousand words and I am proud to be chosen not only by companies but also by individuals to provide pictures for their databank. In order to understand the “ins & outs” of the social media I took a masterclass.

The power of an image can be magic and the island of Curacao is the perfect décor for beautiful pictures. Curacao is the island where I was born: it is still my home and my playground for my photography with its beautiful skies, its raw nature, colorful people, historical monuments and rich culture. The multicultural society of more than a hundred nationalities is very inspiring and ensures that it never gets boring. This small but diverse island in the Caribbean offers an enormous variation of environments from authentic, cozy alleys and historic mansions to white beaches and Miami-like beach clubs for different styles of photography. The tropical weather always provides beautiful sunlight, a dazzling sunset and magnificent night skies.

Contributions to Society
Even as a child I felt already I had a responsibility to show the world the truth through socially driven projects focusing on durability. Another passion is permaculture. I feel strongly connected to nature and the environment, probably because I was born only six yards from the Caribbean Sea. I think we should be more careful regarding nature with a view to the future.
It is my mission to create with my two passions (photography and permaculture) more awareness for a more sustainable world. The experience I have gained as a press photographer of the power of images combined with the knowledge of permaculture, led me to photo projects to create a movement of awareness. Because “seeing is believing” and I do this with respect for my fellow man according to the philosophy I embrace: treat everyone like you would like to be treated.

The photographers who inspire me are those who have the talent to touch the core, dare to go one step further and know how to catch an invisible emotion at first sight with their camera. I also admire photographers who have the courage and empathy to make people think, and possess the gift to get them on the roll, working for a higher purpose to create awareness for a socially sensitive topics. Examples are the brilliant, sometimes moving portraits of Sebartiao Salgado, Jimmy Nelson and Erwin Olaf, the brilliant work of award-winner Peter Menzel and the always attractive pictures by Marieke van den Velden, Ernst Coppejans and Dan Eldon.
My clients vary from large international organizations to local independent entrepreneurs on Curacao and a variety of individuals. Everybody is welcome at Studiorootz. The diversity of my clients make my work interesting and keeps me focused. Each organization is different, each person is unique. It is my duty as their photographer to fulfill their expectations regarding my work and it is my personal challenge not only to fulfill these expectations but also to exceed them.

An impression of my clients:

  •  News papers Volkskrant, NoordHollands Dagblad, Newyork Post, Amigoe, Antillaans Dagblad
  • Magazines Tui Magazine,  Insel sight, Fnvb Magazine,  NVO Bulletin, Medisch Oncologie magazine, Mi Casa, Pietermaai Pocket Guide And many more
  • Hotels  Avila Beach Hotel, Lions Dive Hotel, Hotel ‘t Klooster, Pm 78, Scubalodge, Lagun Blou Resort, Muisquite Hotel, Living Stone, Coral Estate etc
  • Organisations/companies  Working as a house house photopgrapher  Pietermaai District, Shout productions, Ban Kasa, Wedding planner,  Other companies FBY, Cliniclowns Curacao, Operatie Periscoop, DMO
  • Horeca Miles Jazz Cafe, Mundo bizarro, EL, Belle Terrace, Blues, De gouveneur, Koraal Rooftop, Bar 27 etc

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“The photoshoot was a great experience! Berber is fun, reliable, dedicated and genuinely interested in capturing those special moments. With her professionalism and passion for her work, she took the most amazing photo’s! Not only did we receive the photo’s very fast, the photo’s are just beautiful; memories to cherish forever! Thanks Berber!!!“
Stacey Wenemoser- Family photoshoot

“We did a family photo shoot with Berber. She is a very relaxed person which makes the photo shoot very enjoyable. We got the photo’s really fast and we are very happy with the results! Thank you Berber!!“
Taiss Tamaddoni – Family photoshoot

“Berber heeft echt fantastische mooie foto’s gemaakt van onze bruiloft op Curacao. Origineel, lief, leuk en wat een timing. Super!“
Veerle Hammerstein — Recently Married

“Berber is een enthousiaste, vrolijke en spontane fotografe. Ze verzint leuke plekjes en leuke en spontane foto’s. Binnen een week hadden wij onze geweldige foto’s binnen. Ze reageert ook snel via mail. Al met al hebben wij met onze fotoshoot op Curaçao een geweldige ervaring gehad met een zeer grote bijdrage van Berber..“
Ilse Schroder Broeders — Recently Married

Berber is voor mij een Super leuke, geduldige, enthousiaste en vriendelijke Topfotograaf. Fijne samenwerking gehad en aardig wat kunnen bijleren!

Marvin Pretu — Model



New York Post


NoordHollandsDagblad ( als vaste fotograaf gewerkt)

Tui Magazine


FNVB Magazine

Pietermaai Pocket Guide

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NVO bulletin

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